The Time Machine, and Other Time Machines

How to Be a Time Machine

Humans have long dreamed of physically going into the past and fix today, or into the future to find out how things turn out.

But we can’t.

And there’s a better way.

Project Phases


In February of 2020, Cedar Block’s Time Machine won first prize in the Technology category of Escuela Verde’s Science Strikes Back community science fair. That was a successful proof-of-concept.

Current phase

We’re in the process of transporting messages from the Pilot showcase into the past and future. Additionally, a group of artistic collaborators is out back building an ostensible time portal (OTP) for this space.

Next phase

The OTP will be a living project to share time travel experiences with the public, in versions as history changes. The group will grow, with participants posting their own travels. Let us know if you’re interested.

About Us

Cedar Block

We did, do and will present events around Milwaukee, Wis., since August 2005 C.E. They’re art events, science events and art & science events. We’ve built a particle accelerator on stage at Turner Hall to discover the Higgs boson for an Alverno Presents performance. We Baconized people at the Milwaukee Art Museum. We’ve assembled super-groups to fill the Pilot House at Discovery World with one-night-only compositions for Milwaukee Film. This is the latest incarnation in our evolution. We’re Brent Gohde and collaborators.

Echo chamber

What People Say

“Milwaukee curators and art event planners take note. Cedar Block has set a standard for an art happening that was inspired, substantive and incredibly fun.”

Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel on “Sexy Results”

“Gohde transformed Cedar Block’s grown-up science fairs of yesteryear into a diverse and community-minded celebration of all things empirical, factual, and scientifically tested. The winner of the fair was a 14-year-old student who studied the impact of murals on activism in the Latinx community. That’s a long way from baking soda volcanoes.”

Milwaukee Record on “Science Strikes Back”

What we talk about when we talk about

Other Time Machines

Consider how each of us travels through time, in physics, perception, philosophy, memory, dementia, biology, archiving, photography, storytelling, theology, astronomy, geology, anthropology, encapsulation, clocks, communication, athletics, immortality, mindfulness, gravity, cosmology and other ways we haven’t thought enough about.


You’re a time machine. Wanna travel with ours?

Let’s talk about what to do with and about that.